Top Healthcare News, 12.5.2019 Edition: The Gene Therapy Pool…of Money

Drugs & Pharma | Gene Therapy

Billions of $$$ Invested into Gene Therapy

Innovation | Amazon

Amazon’s Voice-to-Text Transcription Service

Innovation | Disruption

Kroger & Best Buy Each Expand their Healthcare Initiatives

Big Pharma | Opioid Crisis

Criminal Probe Launched for more Opioid Drug-Makers

Thoughts from the Week.

What’s next?

Policy Corner

Regulatory | HHS

HHS and CMS are Butting Heads

Regulatory | Vaping

Trump Doesn’t Want to Risk Vaping Ban

Medicaid | Tennessee

Tennessee Wants to Overhaul Medicaid

Payment Models | Radiation Oncology

CMS Delays the Radiation Oncology Payment Model

Quick Hits

  • Interested in healthcare social media influencers?
  • Birth rates in the U.S. fell for the 4th year in a row
  • A kidney went to the wrong transplant patient. (Don’t worry, the original patient got another one. I already checked.)
  • We’re seeing the earliest flu season in 10 years.
  • Former Outcome Health Executives were Charged in a $1 Billion fraud scheme.
  • UnitedHealthcare is opening Medicare Services Centers in certain Walgreens Stores.
  • The Great American Eye-Exam Scam



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Blake Madden

Blake Madden

I write about healthcare. Policy, business, digital health, & more. Written in plain English. Here to connect, learn, and continue the healthcare convo.