Healthcare’s Biggest Stories, Week of May 27, 2019 | Senators draft gigantic health reform bill, Direct to consumer primary care, Nonprofit hospital tax exemption called into question, & more | The Healthy Muse

1. Senators draft huge-ass bill aimed at big-time healthcare reform

They DO listen to us, sometimes.

Other items from the bill included the following:

  • An easier ability for generic drugs to get to market, which would increase the supply of generic drugs and hopefully lower costs;
  • A stricter drug patent law, meaning that companies wouldn’t be able to hold onto exclusive ‘brand-name’ drug patents as long;
  • Requiring PBMs to provide quarterly reports that would include information on drug costs, fees received, and rebates detail;
  • Eliminating the drug rebate (i.e., requiring 100% of the discount to be passed along to patients);
  • These changes are actually pretty dang substantial.
  • Creating an entity to manage claims data (i.e., the details behind a hospital or physician visit — this would be a BIG first)
  • Increasing vaccination education;
  • Granting funding for infant mortality, postpartum treatment, and healthcare professional discrimination training; and
  • Improving privacy laws concerning HIPAA info online.

The bigger picture.

Trump’s Big Healthcare Stick

2. Is Direct-to-Consumer the future of Primary Care?

Add that to my Netflix subscription.

How it works.

3. The latest beef: are nonprofit hospitals getting too much of a break?

Tax Exempt in Limbo.

You’re getting an audit.

4. Google’s AI making healthcare headlines

Google is Verily excited about this.

5. Healthcare Price Inflation Update

To the moon.

The hell happened?

Quick Hits



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