Healthcare Election Issues to know

  • For those wanting to dig deeper, I’ve referenced all reputable sources used at the end of the edition. I’ve marked more opinionated pieces as such.
  • This write-up focuses on the candidates’ policies themselves. To remain…

this week’s top healthcare news

market update: healthcare vs. the S&P 500

ER Staffing and ASC firm Envision considering bankruptcy.

Per Bloomberg, Envision Healthcare is considering a bankruptcy filing. The firm with over 25,000 staffed physicians is backed by private equity giants like KKR and has a lot of debt.

As you could probably deduce from HCA’s Q1 earnings call, emergency room visit volume is down QUITE a bit for…

This week’s top healthcare news.

  • As of this writing: 784,201 infected and 41,837 deaths in the U.S. (Live Tracker)
  • We’re re-opening the economy — slowly — and states will get to choose how and when that’s done. They’ll use the White House’s 3-phase approach as a guide.
  • Antibody and other lab testing availability will be…

The Big Stuff.

Let’s level-set on the biggest current healthcare trends.

This week, I took some time to sift through the current, major stories and healthcare trends happening right now:

Global healthcare trends:

Broad healthcare trends:

Colorado’s Public option woes.

Colorado’s first-ever public option health insurance plan revealed its payment rates — and hospitals aren’t happy with the base payment rate of 155% of Medicare. In fact, Colorado’spublic option woes may be a microcosm for what will happen with any sort of federally mandated public option.(Remind …

It’s official. Healthcare is the top issue heading into the 2020 Election.

But our healthcare system is so complex. How can I possibly even begin to understand the issues?

Don’t worry — that’s what this handy guide is for. I’ll be breaking down the major stuff that you need to know. Here’s the layout of the guide:

  • Healthcare vocabulary you need to know
  • The 3 main healthcare…

The interoperability schism between Epic and Big Tech rages on.

The bigger picture.

Top Weekly Healthcare Stories

M&A | Mednax

Starboard wants to sell Mednax

Starboard Value, a popular activist investment firm, wants Mednax to consider a company sale (WSJ paywall). Since Starboard owns a significant chunk of Mednax, they have a decent bit of power to try and make a sale happen.

It’s pretty clear why Starboard wants to pursue a sale strategy. If…

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. As you can imagine, it was a pretty sleepy week for news.

Drugs & Pharma | Gene Therapy

Billions of $$$ Invested into Gene Therapy

That’s a big gene pool. Big Pharma is betting big-time on gene therapies as its next major source of income. …

The Healthy Muse Newsletter: Biogen’s Alzheimer’s Drug makes a Comeback

Welcome back to the Healthy Muse newsletter, where we cover the latest and greatest in healthcare policy, innovation, business, and more — once a week.

Biogen’s Alzheimer’s Drug Makes a Comeback

It seemed like Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug, — a therapy called aducanumab — was dead after its March clinical trial results came back with gloomy results…

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