this week’s top healthcare news

market update: healthcare vs. the S&P 500

ER Staffing and ASC firm Envision considering bankruptcy.

As you could probably deduce from HCA’s Q1 earnings call, emergency room visit volume is down QUITE a bit for…

The Big Stuff.

Let’s level-set on the biggest current healthcare trends.

Global healthcare trends:

Broad healthcare trends:

It’s official. Healthcare is the top issue heading into the 2020 Election.

But our healthcare system is so complex. How can I possibly even begin to understand the issues?

  • Healthcare vocabulary you need to know
  • The 3 main healthcare…
The Healthy Muse Newsletter: Biogen’s Alzheimer’s Drug makes a Comeback

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Biogen’s Alzheimer’s Drug Makes a Comeback

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I write about healthcare. Policy, business, digital health, & more. Written in plain English. Here to connect, learn, and continue the healthcare convo.

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